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Butterfly House Resident Testimonials

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My name is K.J. and I am a Butterfly! In November 2009, I overdosed and almost left my children without a mom and my husband without at partner to share life with. Reluctantly, I found my self if a detox center, going through the worse withdrawals imaginable. The doctor talked me into going to a treatment center…again…After almost 5 months in the treatment center, they recommended a sober house. That is when I found the Butterfly House. To make a long story short, I started using drugs and alcohol at a very young age. At the time I was in Butterfly House, I was 38 years old…So needless to say, I was like a little girl trying to find her way in the big, bad, sober world sober, for the first time!! Thanks to the guidance of the house manager, I was shoved in the right direction. She was my rock, always pulling me back down to earth and saying, “So, how did that work for ‘ya?”I owe a lot to Butterfly House, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the growth I accomplished while living at Butterfly House with the other residents. I have made lifelong friends. Thank you!  K.J.

Thank you for believing in me and making me believe in my self. Thank you for giving me a chance to see a new life and become a better person. Coming to Butterfly House saved my life and future! -C.A.

Thanks for giving me hope!—V.B.

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed being here and getting to know you. Thanks for picking me up from jail and letting me stay here–T. U.

Thank you for taking me in. I wasn’t so sure about coming here but I’m really glad I did. Getting to know you, J, S, F, C, and Emma (the cat), as well as the SCF Alano folks has been a good part of this journey for me. Being here was a good reconnection to my own small town roots, Stout, even my grandmother (the porch, pantry, and basement remind me a lot of her), so it gave me a lot to reflect on and the daily AA meetings were a good start for this upcoming transition. Thank you again and I hope you stay in touch. –C.H.

Thanks for always being there for me.  -B.D.

I want to say thank you for all you have done for me. You have helped me grow in many ways. I thank God every night for you and this house.–D.L.

OH MY GOSH, I’ve never done this many chores on a regular basis in my life-I’m so glad God is giving me a sense of humor and strength! –H.V.

Thank you for all the fabulous desserts you make. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you. For all the things you are helping me with, all the things you help me “remember” and for giving me a chance here at Butterfly House-and for putting up with my craziness!  -N.S.

Thanks for being there for me when in needed to hear some comforting and consoling words. –S.S.

Many thanks to you and The Advisory Board for allowing me to stay at Butterfly House. It is a very good program. –D.M.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. In enjoy the times I get with you whether it is cutting vegetables, burning caramels, or just talking. I also want to thank you for the times you got tough on me…I need that off and on. Thanks for believing in me and for being you. I’m so grateful God lead me to Butterfly House!  --J.G.

Sobriety is so wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. “A” and you have been the most positive influence on my recovery and my continuing to be sober. You two didn’t give up on me and if I was struggling in life, you and “A” were there for me. That’s what I needed most in my early months/years of sobriety, people to have faith in me, not give up on me, and be there for me when my life was tough and I was struggling with early recovery and the consequences of losing my children because of my addiction. Thank you so much. No matter which way I turned, you were always there. You didn’t have to say or do anything. I knew from the beginning you were there for me and with me. It means the world to me to be a mom again today and have sobriety. –R.H. 

My name is L.A. and I am a recovering alcoholic. No one asks to have an affliction such as this. I still ask God, “Why was I chosen to have to suffer with this disease?” I have put some very important people in my life thru terrible nightmares and agony, watching me do everything to destroy my self. I have been in jail due to my drinking, including 3 OWI’s. During the last OWI, I had my 12 year old son in the car, so I received a felony for child endangerment.  I have been through many treatment programs and every time I have learned a little bit more about the disease. Most of the facilities I had been in previously were law enforcement focused. It is very hard to come to grips with your addiction when you have people threatening you with jail time. I was very fortunate to be placed at Butterfly House. I will not say by any means that it was easy to go through this six month program, but I was always surrounded by people who did everything to motivate me. It is a strict program, but it is this way to make you grow and realize what you are worth. As addicts, we have been beating our selves up for a very long time. The Butterfly House helps you realize how important you are, and what you can contribute to others and society. I will admit since I have left the house, I have had a few set backs, but I pulled it back together, by remembering what I learned at the Butterfly House. This is a disease that is cunning and baffling. Please, if you need help and guidance look into the Butterfly House. I promise you will gain the help and knowledge and guidance you need for a lifetime.  --L.A.