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I want to thank you for all you have done for me and your drive to help other struggling women like me. You and Butterfly House were the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. I had a lot of lessons to learn and many more to come. I am grateful I had a good start at the house. I have many fond memories of you and the house--doing dishes “your way”, hanging clothes on the line, making my bed, gratitude lists, cooking, making cookies, chores, and budgeting money--all those things and many more….D

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B’s Testimony-“Welcome to Butterfly House”

No matter what the case, walking into a new situation is scary…most especially frightening when you’re sober. There are so many questions racing in one’s head. Who is here…and for what? Will they like me? Will I like them? What are the rules and can I manipulate them? The overall curiosity can cause anxiety in itself!

As a two time resident at Butterfly House, I feel that I may be able to offer some of my experience, strength and hope to you. Before I go any further, I need to express the key factor about you living here… that is, if you have any doubts about keeping clean and sober, then this is NOT the place for you. On the other hand if you’ve had enough of hitting bottom, losing everything, and are just flat out sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I would like to welcome you whole heartedly to the house and a life long journey of recovery.

I am going to separate this testimonial into 3 sections (the Rules, the Residents & the Promises) to help you better understand the Butterfly House experience. I hope it will help you understand the concept of structure and how you can have a “normal” life without the chaos that drugs and alcohol bring. I will start with the infamous one that most of us addicts struggle with---THE RULES!

Let’s face it…rules suck!  But in all actuality, they are put there for a reason. The first time I was here, I went out of my way to bend, break, and avoid the rules at all costs. I lied, I manipulated, and in the end, I relapsed. I played by the rules the second time around and guess what? The rules are not so bad. They are (as much as the addict inside me hates to admit) helpful. You are able to use these rules to your advantage to set guidelines for yourself as well as boundaries with others. My advice on the rules?—short and sweet—FOLLOW THEM!  It will only keep you sick if you don’t!

Everybody in here has something in common. We are all addicts and/or alcoholics. When a number of women with different backgrounds, beliefs and opinions come together under one roof, all hell could break loose at any given time. However, we must put our differences aside and work together as a team in order to establish a home, not just a house, but a home that we can all feel comfortable in. You may disagree with how another resident works her program, but you must understand that it is her program. You are here for you and not them. You should always carry with you your own sense of being, even when you get close to another resident. Relapse often happens in pairs. It happened to me last time because we fed off each others negativity. I’m not saying not to develop relationships with other residents, I’m just saying that everyone here has their own problems, and each individual will work a better program if they are focusing on their self. My advice on relationships with other residents is to agree to disagree, confront situations when necessary and set boundaries. Remember that you are your own person with your own mind. Your time here can be used as an opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with great women in sobriety. But, remember that you came in here alone and chances are that you will be leaving alone.

The Promises…that’s what they call them in A.A. If you really want what this house has to offer you, the promises will come true. You will start to notice the change in your self and others will notice too. You will have the opportunity to obtain employment, go to recovery meetings, and be secure, safe and free from the bondage of addiction. This is a place that will help you feel like an everyday citizen and not a worthless, hopeless, addict, which we have all probably felt like at one time.

I tried it my way the first time. It didn’t work. Doing it my way got me nowhere. It did get me more pain and suffering. I came back here for a reason….because I didn’t want to die. I want life and I’m sure you do too. You’ve made the first step in coming here. I hope that you find happiness here—embrace it and grow from this experience. You will still have rough days as anybody does, but know that this house was founded by people who are here to be that light at the end of the tunnel. They say you must change everything in order to recover and I say change everything, but never let go of who you are and what your heart desires. Surrender and watch your self grow. Just like the Butterfly, you too, with the help of the program, will be free to fly. Welcome to Butterfly House.

--BJMD 2008


I came to Butterfly House 8 months ago from jail with nothing but a little bit of hope that this house could help me change my life.
Since I came to Butterfly House, I have gotten full custody of my 2 year old son who now lives with me. I have a full time job. My son attends day care full time, which he loves very much. I have gotten my driver’s license, purchased a car, and carry insurance for the first time in my life. I am currently working on my GED. I attend AA and NA meetings daily. I have a sponsor and am working the twelve steps with her. I see an AODA counselor once a month.

This house has changed my life in so many ways. I came to Butterfly House not even knowing what AA or NA was, and now my sobriety, the meetings and Butterfly House mean everything to me. I have been clean from methamphetamine, (my drug of choice), and all other drugs for one year.


"My name is Renee, and I am an alcoholic and addict. I came to the Butterfly House on September 25th and I am writing this as I prepare to leave 3 months later. The girls in the house have all taught me lessons that are valuable. Each one is different, but our journey in recovery is the same. I am grateful for everyone that stayed at the house during my three months there. I am inspired by the commitment that went into bringing the Butterfly House from dream to reality. The advisory board all gave their time, support, aand just plain old hard work to get this going, and I am forever grateful. The St. Croix Falls Recovery Community has touched my heart and I will remain connected to them.
My hope for all who come to the Butterfly House is to believe in the peace and serenity that you will find when you come to a point of surrendering to the disease and let a Higher Power guide you".                                                      
Peace, Renee


My first week was scary. there were a lot of tempations and everything seemed so different.

I had heard about the Butterfly House through a couple of good friends. The house is beautiful, and just what I needed to transition back into society. This program of recovery is a process. To live by the "just for today" has gotten me through many 24 hours. I came to believe that this house and the people involved in this house are here to help me and see me succeed. I am truly a sronger, healthier person. Sure, there are still struggles. But as a good friend once told me, "Nothing worth having comes easy"-- and life and sobriety are definitely worth having!                              --signed "B"